Audio visual, Electronic, Video, Photographic & Darkroom Equipment Catalog

This is a catalog of used video/A.V./photo and darkroom equipment.

  1. Audio Equipment
  2. Darkroom Equipment
  3. Movie Equipment
  4. Slide Equipment
  5. Photo Equipment
  6. Electronic Equipment
  7. Video Equipment
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    Audio Miscellaneous

    Darkroom Equipment


    Enlarging Lens

    Darkroom Lights

    Scientific Thermometers

    Mercury/glass, USA manufactured, 12-24" long (most are new)
    Type Price Type Price 
    -194ø to 388øF$5 -80ø to 225øF$5
    -80ø to 20øC $5 -60ø to 60øF 
    (red-dye, non-mercury) 
    -35ø to 35øF $5 -2ø to 400øC $5
    0ø to 302øF $5 0ø to 400øF $5
    20ø to 230øF $5 20ø to 760øF $5
    30ø to 350øF $5 77ø to 221øF $5
    94ø to 108øF $5 127.5ø to 132.5øF  $2
    134ø to 148øF $2 137.5ø to 142.5øF $2
    200ø to 700øF $5 204ø to 218øF $5
    207.5ø to 212.5øF $5 270ø to 290øF $2
    273ø to 277øF $2

    Film Processors

    Dry Mount Press

    Copy Camera

    Darkroom Sinks

    Darkroom Miscellaneous

    Movie Equipment

    Editing/Splicing Equipment

    Movie Film Projectors

    Professional 16mm Projectors/Film Chain Units

    Slide Equipment

    35mm Slide Projectors/Lenses

    Large Format Slide Projectors/Lenses

    Projection Screens

    35mm Slide Projector Stands

    Photo Equipment

    Antique View Cameras

    Antique View Camera Backs

    Polaroid Cameras

    35mm Cameras


    Large Format Lenses



    Miscellaneous Photo Equipment

    Electronic Equipment

    Video Equipment

    3/4" Video Cassette Recorders

    1/2" Video Recorders

    Color and B/W Video Cameras/lenses

    Professional Color Video Camera

    Professional Video Editors

    Professional Color/B & W TV Monitors

    TV Test/Video Equipment

    Video Miscellaneous Equipment



    The items listed were all available at the time this was posted. As my inventory is constantly changing, call to confirm availability and condition of equipment. All used equipment sold AS IS. Ask about availability and condition of equipment before sending money. Acceptable payment forms include cashiers checks, postal money orders, or any other certified fund. Most items are shipped UPS, and ALL are insured for full value. Shipping/handling/insurance charges are $5.00 minimum, but rarely more than $8-$10 (This is for domestic shipments in the continental US, for international shipping, please call). If there will be any delay in shipping I will let you know at the time of your order. As always, I look forward to hearing from you whether you order, have a question, or just plain need advice. If you want to negotiate over the price, I am open to customers making an offer or trade item.

    Disclaimer: Let it be known, I am a ONE PERSON shop. I don't always have my catalog and web page up to date, up to the minute...Who really does? No, don't send a list, just please understand: Just because it's still listed in the page doesn't mean that I still have it. Conversely, just because it isn't in the list, doesn't mean that I don't have it. If you have a need for a specific item, please inquire by e-mail. If I don't have it, I may know someone who has it and I will try to give a referral.

    Arvid C. Olson

    This page is currently under construction, and probably will be into eternity. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Since I travel, e-mail is the best way to reach me.


    All items are subject to prior sale. Item prices and descriptions are subject to errors, Arvideo A.V./Photo reserves the right to make any corrections in descriptions and prices.

    Ordering and Warranty Information

    Best Time to Call

    Feel free to contact us by E-mail at any time. We check our E-mail often, even when we are away from the office.

    Leave a message with our answering machine including the date and the subject of your call. Please be specific and state the item or items you are inquiring about. BE SURE to leave both day & night phone numbers.

    If the item is in stock your phone call will be returned as soon as possible. In order to keep our prices as low a possible we do not return calls on out-of-stock items. We will answer inquires sent to us by E-mail regardless of the item being in stock.

    Reserving Your Order

    Your order will be reserved for you for 5 working days to allow mail delivery of your payment.

    Please keep in mind that most items are limited in stock quantities and are sold on a first come basis. Timelines in calling or E-mailing your order and sending your payment will determine the customer priority for the ordered item. Remember that a used item is usually a "one-and-only " and the first person gets it.

    How to Pay

    Payment can be personal or company check, or by Money Order. You pay shipping. Most lightweight orders can be shipped for $5.00 to the continental US. Other destinations and large heavy items will incur additional charges, added on to C.O.D. fees. Next Day and Second Day Air are available for actual charges. Some big items will incur a packaging or crating charge. Orders paid by check will be shipped after the check clears. We can ship COD with your prepayment of 20 percent [$20 minimum] with COD fees added to the balance due.

    Inventory changes frequently and prices are subject to change without notice.

    One Week Money Back Guarantee

    Money back guarantee if item is returned in the same condition as shipped and is received by us within seven days of date order was shipped to you. You pay postage both ways.

    How to Order

    Include shipping address, payment for merchandise, approximate shipping charges. We will send a prompt refund for overpayment of shipping fees and out of stock merchandise. Call, write or E-mail your inquiry or order to:

    Lincoln, NE 68505
    Phone: 402-464-8740